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the main vein of Owyhee Produce. Hot days and warm nights create the perfect growing conditions for onions. Crops here can yield three times the onions of farms elsewhere. We grow all of our own onions on about 800 acres, producing enough onions to feed over 3 million people!


We grow, sort, store, and pack all of our onions at our packing shed located by the Snake River in Nyssa, Oregon. We carefully monitor each step from the soil to the customer to ensure quality products from a quality company.


Our packaging options range from 2-10 lb consumer packs, to 25-50 lb cartons, including our in-home designed Medallion Sleevepack, a unique mesh sleeve that is easier to store and makes far less mess than the traditional onion bag.


Our state-of-the-art onion packing facility is located in Nyssa, Oregon, right by the banks of the Snake River. Built in 2007, our facility is one of the newest and most technologically advanced facilities in the country.


We pack 100% of the asparagus and onions we grow. We have over 85,000 square feet of  packing space with cooled storage for 40 million pounds of onions.”



Our cold storage facilities are “ambient cooled.” That means we use Mother Nature’s cold nights and combine that with the best technology available to limit the need for refrigeration. This process allows us to conserve massive amounts of energy.



Onions packed at our facility are filled to precisely the correct weight using our 12-scale weigher. This allows for consistent, accurate weights in every bag. Our bags are then sewn closed, rather than tied, making them more secure, stable, and tamper-proof.

Our bags are then stacked with a robotic palletizer. This helps reduce injuries from stacking bags and ensures that every pallet is exactly the same, ultimately decreasing



We add one extra layer (about 5 bags) to each pallet. On the surface that doesn’t seem like much but over the course of the season it adds up to more than 13 semi-loads. Since the weight of each bad is consistent and accurate we are able to load each truck precisely to its capacity – saving time, money, and fuel.