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Ashley Narvaiz - Thursday, January 19, 2017


We'd like to reach out and update you on where we're at in regards to our current weather conditions. We've been grateful to be able to use social media to give you live updates and receive so many thoughtful, kind words and prayers from our extended Owyhee family.


At this point we are beyond blessed to report that our entire crew is safe and sound and we've experience no injuries, though one employee was on a forklift when one building collapsed. We are so grateful for the safety of our team and are continuing to ensure that safety is our top priority while we deal with these conditions.


We've had four buildings collapse at this point and are in the process of figuring out how we will be able to continue storing and packing onions.


Here are our concerns:



We have a dedicated workforce that has been with us through thick and thin. We have concerns for our Owyhee employees and their families and want to make sure that we are able to have our crews continue to come in and work so that no family suffers from these damages.


Furthermore, Owyhee Produce was built on firm handshakes and honest relationships. We have spent years building relationships and loyalty with our customers are we are committed to providing for them.  At this point, we are still trying to wrap our heads around what has happened and is continuing to happen. You can rest assured that our family and friends are working very long hours to protect our employees and resources while trying to get our loads out to our customers.



At the end of the day, buildings and equipment are replaceable. Our concerns lie with our people: our employees and our customers. The safety of our crew and the relationships with our customers are far more valuable than any shed.


Owyhee Produce is committed to working hard through these conditions and thankfully they are temporary! We love our business and the people it has connected us to. We'll continue to keep you updated as we move forward. Thank you for your continued support! 




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