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Roast Beef Sandwich with Red Onion Jam

Blake Branen Rosencrantz - Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Ok, we've been itching to make this Roast Beef Sandwich to try it out with our Red Onion Jam. We decided to whip up a new batch of jam and make this Sandwich for lunch!


  • 1 sun dried tomato & herb 1lb. loaf , split horizontally, toasted
  • mayonnaise
  • ½ Lb Thickly Sliced Roast Beef
  • Red Onion Jam
  • 3 large romaine lettuce leaves


1. split horizontally sun dried tomato & herb  loaf 2. butter bread, toast in *500 oven for 5 min 3. spread mayonnaise, about 2tb per side 4. layer on roast beef 5. add warmed red onion jam 6. lettuce leaves 7. cut sandwich, serves 4        
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