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Mother Daughter Team Pack Over 1 Million Ida-Spears

Ashley Narvaiz - Friday, June 17, 2016

Our 2016 asparagus season was an incredible success! Not only did our product and sales both increase, so did our team.

We Value Family

Robin Froerer has led our asparagus team for many years, making our Ida-Spears operations a great success. Her daughter, Keilee, often worked at the shed during her summers while attending college, but this year she stepped into a larger role, working alongside her mom to oversee the operation.

“Nobody cares more than family,” Robin said. That’s why hiring family members is so valued by Owyhee Produce. Our children and grandchildren can see what Owen started and grew to where it is today, and they have a passion to continue that legacy for their future families.

Next Year, Even Better

While Keilee and Robin admit there were a few challenges working together as mom and daughter, they experienced an incredibly successful season together. With one of our longest seasons coming to a close this week, they’ve packed just over a million pounds of Ida-Spears – compared to just 750,000 last year – and that isn’t even with our newer asparagus acreage at its peak yet. We can expect next year's season to be even more of a success.

Asparagus: A Labor of Love

Most asparagus lovers aren’t aware of how labor-intensive the crop is. With every acre needing to be picked every day, sometimes twice, Robin has an average of 85-100 people picking and 65 people packing daily. With our season running from just April to June, it’s a very busy few months to bring our delicious greens to market.

New this year, we shared weekly Flash Sales on Facebook for social media followers to come out to the shed and buy our asparagus at a great discount. Our first sale was viewed by over 22,000 people and was by far the biggest sale at the shed that we’ve ever had.

“It’s so great to interact with everyone – most of them want to see how it all happens and once they do , they understand how much work it is and why it’s sometimes expensive at the store,” Keilee shared.

Robin added, “Interacting with everyone typically leads to us sharing about our farm history and our family. I had one lady recently tell me that we truly are a family farm, and she never thought she’d meet one.”

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