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McDonald’s Health Initiatives: Will it really make a difference?

Blake Branen Rosencrantz - Tuesday, October 09, 2012
If you’ve been to McDonalds lately, you may have noticed a big change to their menu – the addition of calorie amounts next to each item. The calorie information is part of a larger nutrition-geared initiative announced by McDonald’s in July 2011. McDonald’s also published a nutrition progress report and added changes to the 2013 menu that will include food groups recommended by the Department of Agriculture. While McDonalds is attributing their new calorie counts on menus to their health initiative, they are barely one step ahead of the new federal rules requiring calorie counts, stemming from the new health law. Whether McDonalds would of posted the calories independently without the new laws looming in the distance, we aren’t so sure. The real question is, are these new health initiatives going to make any difference to the publics perception of the super-size-me famous fast food chain? Our guess is probably not. Even with the addition of healthier menu items like oatmeal, salads and grilled chicken items, the fact of the matter is you don’t go to McDonalds to eat healthy. At the end of the day, you go to McDonalds for a fast, cheap burger and fry. The majority of people are not headed to McDonalds expecting healthy, quality food. So where are people going when they are looking for the best burger options? According to a survey from The Market Force Information group, burger chains such as Five Guys and Smashburger are ranked not only the one of the best in quality and taste, but also in overall value. As a big fan of Smashburger, these results do not surprise us. (Image Source Via) What this survey is missing is the reasons why people consider Five Guys and Smashburger the tastiest and the best quality. Is it because they simply produce a tastier burger? Both Five Guys and Smashburger take pride in providing not only quality meat, but quality produce as well – which could be a reason their burgers taste a lot better. Also, Five Guys promotes using local produce (at least here in Idaho they do) which could have something to do with it considering the growing locavore movement. Why do people rate McDonalds hamburgers so low and the other burgers so high? We have our opinion, but we want to know what you think. What are some of your favorite burger joints and what about them do you like? Do you think McDonalds will rate higher next survey after their health initiative campaign takes off?

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